Selected HEMS video clippings of landings and take-offs in different terrains and countries

FA Flying Ambulance FoundationTM was started with the belief that every life is precious. We believe that every human being should have the medical support system to lean on on their time of medical emergency.


Advanced Trauma Care
Trauma patients who have suffered injuries need to be attended fast to prevent lifelong disability or death. Our Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) equipped with advance Intensive Care Unit (ICU) including stretcher, is working towards providing quick and effective pre-hospital care in the shortest time possible. The trauma doctor and paramedic are trained to carry out procedure to relieve pain, straighten broken limbs, deliver emergency anaesthesia etc. at the accident site anytime during day and night around the year and wherever that may be within shortest time possible.

India has the highest road crash mortality in the world. As per latest Government report, at least five lakh people were left injured in road crashes last year and at least 50% lives could have been saved, if they had got quick medical care within the first one hour of a crash. Road crashes officially claimed around 1.5 lakh lives in 2015.

Since receiving treatment within the first hour can sometimes make the difference between life and death, therefore to minimise the response time these specially equipped HEMS helicopters do not require any prior approval to operate. Hence are able to leave the base with 2 pilots, one doctor and paramedic each within minutes and land nearest to the accident site to start treatment at site and transport the victim to the nearest suitable hospital or to a hospital suggested by patient. 
We are working towards implementing and offering services with support from like-minded corporates, donations, charities, fund raising events etc. and plan to offer HEMS services directly from hospitals covering surrounding area of 140 kms free of cost.

We request for your full hearted support in this noble cause to enable save lives even in remote locations and enable reduce human suffering, reduce the cost of treatment and resulting in faster recovery, enable improve availability and faster movement of human organs so that they become more affordable to people who desperately need them. It would reduce physical, emotional and financial burden on the families of the patient.
  • Accident Victims
  • Critically Sick Patients
  • Organ Transfer

Fixed Wing Aircraft Ambulance

We are also working towards offering Fixed Wing Air Ambulance using the most modern short distance and long distance aircrafts confirming to the latest guidelines issued by the Government. The aircraft would be fully equipped with advance ICU units and stretcher and would carry team of trained doctor, nurse and paramedic to continuously monitored and immediate provide medical care if required during flight. Also, we have kept provision for accommodating family doctor or family member of the patient to accompany the patient during flight.

The short distance aircraft is specially designed to enable it land and take off from small and rough air strips of concrete, asphalt (including roads) or natural surfaces like grass, dirt, gravel, ice or salt thus enabling it to go where others can not including operating from water when fitted with pontoon and front landing gear. Please see video link.

Services Offered

Medical Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance is the safest and the most reliable means of transporting people in need of specialised care.

Patient Transfers

Medical care is delivered within the golden hour

Organ Transport

We offers service of assisting in organ transportation.
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